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Manufacturing Trends

How Moisture Sensors Improve Sustainability Initiatives

Moisture measurement tools help achieve your carbon targets While industry continues to minimize cost and maximize productivity, green initiatives and carbon footprints are top of mind for production lines everywhere. To improve energy consumption in manufacturing, the ROI of moisture measurements should be top of mind too. By deploying moisture sensing and control, manufacturing can…

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Industry 4.0 and IIoT Data Management

Technically speaking, Industry 4.0 is the optimization of technology to revolutionize manufacturing and industrial systems. In practice, that means Industry 4.0 is making manufacturing better, and production cheaper, by leveraging an improvement of smart process-improvement software. These smart software solutions are enabled through the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The IIoT lets connected machines communicate.…

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Keeping Up With the Speed of Manufacturing

The demands on manufacturing are growing. As systems age, you’re faced with deciding where to focus your efforts to remain competitive in the marketplace. With all the factors that go into vetting upgrades, how do you choose where to invest? True pioneering in the manufacturing industry starts with data and application-adaptive software that allows enterprises…

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Process and quality control for industrial painting lines

Introduction Finna Sensors™ has developed a solution to help industrial paint lines for a variety of applications including lumber, cladding, engineered wood, doors, windows and decorative moldings. It is an industry that has grown rapidly as builders seek pre-primed and pre-painted material for faster construction projects. As the industry has grown to meet this demand,…

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Moisture sensor key in starch production

Finna Sensors, through its acquisition of AquaMeasure and Moisture Register Products, has been working with starch producers for 30+ years, as the process requires careful control of moisture content. In particular, plants must monitor the moisture of starch in process silos as well as in de-watered cakes coming out of the centrifuges (before they go…

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Moisture system installations at Mass Timber (CLT) producers

Mass Timber Industry Overview Mass Timber receives a lot of media attention these days with new buildings planned all over the United States and the rest of world. By its nature, mass timber products are more eco-friendly. If sourced appropriately, renewable wood materials replace carbon intensive steel and concrete in the construction of residential and…

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