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Biomass Moisture Sensor

What’s The Deal With Moisture and Biomass?

Biomass energy has many incredible applications. It can help nations substantially reduce dependence on fossil fuels and contribute to cleaner air and water. Today, biomass energy provides a productive avenue for using agricultural and forestry wastes.

Before biomass can be burned, it must be dried. As much as 50-60% of biomass is water that must be lost in the burning process in order to be effectively used as a power source. In order to efficiently operate industrial boilers, the moisture content of the feed stock must be known so that changes in feed rate can be made almost instantaneously.

On-line moisture meters are essential

On line moisture meters are essential in order to provide this instantaneous moisture result and to provide a current output that can be fed to the plants process logic controller (PLC) or distributed control system (DCS). Using this output signal, changes can be made to the dryer temperature settings or product flow rate automatically to ensure the finished product falls in the acceptable moisture range. For most biomass products, that range is 5-10% moisture.

Reduce Labor Costs

By providing this automatic control device, operator input is kept to a minimum and labor costs are reduced. Consistent moisture output also prevents product waste (either too wet or too dry), recycle (if too wet product has to be run through the dryer a second time), associated labor and utility expense to reset the drying system to handle recycle.

Whether you’re concerned with operator safety or the gravimetric oven process leaving too much room for error in your product moisture measurements, near infrared (NIR) on line moisture meters have you covered. With our NIR meters, your biomass operation can work with real-time moisture results and output signals that allow for immediate, automatic adjustments that keep your boiler operation highly efficient and safer.

Global Leaders in Lumber Moisture

Improved moisture control has emerged as an important process improvement element in the forest products industry as mills continue to focus on profitability and yield. SCS Forest Products by Finna Sensors provides the industry’s widest-used end-to-end line of integrated moisture measurement systems and related process optimization tools. Click to also learn more about our products for the sawmill, kiln and planer.

OMNIR for Biomass

The OMNIR On-Line Near Infrared Moisture Sensor not only delivers accurate data instantaneously and non-destructively, it also monitors its own health to help keep your operation running smoothly. Click the button to see how Finna Sensors can assist in augmenting your biomass process.

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