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Building Materials

Solve Longstanding Building Material Moisture Issues With Sensors Networked for a Better Future

The building trade has always had to face juggling multiple variables that impact final product and have, when not managed and measured well, cost manufacturing operations hundreds of thousands of dollars. One of the most important variables that must be carefully controlled is the amount of water residing in the building material, whether it be lumber, gypsum board, OSB, plywood, particle board, or something else entirely.

Excessive moisture can cause board warpage, splitting, cracking, shrinkage, impacts planning and sanding ability, paint retention, and transport weight. Errors in the moisture range leads to product quality defects that require rework, recycle, excess labor, downtime, warranty replacement, recalls, or even complete product disposal. The associated costs can add up quickly and prove detrimental if not managed quickly.

Proper Moisture Content

In manufactured board, the wood chips that create the board must have the proper moisture content for chipping and sizing to impart proper wear characteristics for the finished product.

Accurate Moisture Sensors

From the creation of the board and building material itself to the addition of resins, paints, and other coatings that require careful measurement of not only moisture content, but coat-weight and evenness, the building industry has long relied on moisture sensors to avoid costly mistakes and to help maximize profits and throughput.

We’ve provided accurate moisture sensors for the building materials industry for many years, but we’ve never solely relied on our history to continue providing the innovation and solutions you truly need. Instead, we’ve focused on creating sensors that can speak to each other and the operator throughout the process to create a truly networked sensing experience that allows you instantaneous feedback and more granular control over the variables that have long caused trouble and cost you greatly.

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