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Scanframe: Web-Profiling System

Web-profile scanner for moisture and coat weight

The latest web-profiling scan frame is an innovation driven by industry need. After shaking up the status quo with the OMNIR: On-Line Near Infrared Sensor and its advanced data gathering and software analytics, Finna Sensors worked with our partner Dynalyse to develop Scanframe. The intent is to provide that same advanced data gathering and analytic direction across paper and textile webs.

Before our scan frame, the fixed-point data readings provided by the smart OMNIR sensor and software were already driving operational excellence in process improvements, product quality enhancements, and scrap/waste management efficiencies. But, for some manufacturing operations, particularly paper and textile webs, fixed-point data readings are not enough — enter Scanframe.

How Scanframe makes a difference

In almost every industry, manufacturing processes are under constant pressure to achieve new efficiencies and reduce their production costs. It is how modern businesses compete to provide the best product at the best price, and with the most profit possible. Scanframe gives manufacturers the edge by allowing them to see their production lines in new ways, and that helps them monitor and adjust in real time for real savings.

How Scanframe works

Scanframe allows the smart OMNIR sensor and its advanced software to take multiple-point readings of moisture and/or coat weight and drive new efficiencies across the production line. Powered by a motor and gear system, Scanframe is a non-contact aluminum beam that lets operators position the smart OMNIR sensor to take both manual and pre-programmed readings from multiple points across the web.

To make line integration and data output easy for operators, Scanframe has its own control panel, smart software, and a motorized guidance system that accepts adaptable motion patterns at different line speeds. Non-contact and non-invasive, Scanframe can fit up to 20 feet of line. It also comes in a stainless-steel version for food, chemical and pharmaceutical environments.

Click to view video of the Scanframe in action

Key Features, Advantages and Benefits

Scanframe is helping manufacturers reduce their costs by monitoring their web profile in real time. For instance, operators can monitor their spray nozzles to ensure coat weights are consistent and even across the web. Some coats are expensive and over-spray can waste significant resources. Scanframe software can alert the operator if a nozzle is not firing right and allows for immediate correction of the situation.

In that same scenario, where one nozzle is not firing right, the web’s product could continue to be produced and the uneven coat weight could go unnoticed. Typically, this reduces the product quality and that reduces customer satisfaction and reorder rates. With Scanframe on the line, the problem can be noted in real time and operators can make the necessary changes so that quality control can be assured.

That real time monitoring also saves on start up-times. With Scanframe and the smart OMNIR sensor, destructive testing is eliminated. Operators have the real-time data to avoid costly lab delays and associated waste. Scanframe even has its own service position so there is no downtime on the line.

Simple integrationCover up to 6 meters (20 feet) of line
Fast speeds: < 1 m/s (3 ft/s)Keep lines moving at desired speed
Sensor and measurement data combinedData reports include location and measure
Adaptable motion pattern optionNavigates freely by distance thresholds
Automated or manual controlOperator can make changes in real-time
Service position set outside the endpointsSensor easily accessed; no line downtime
Eliminate destructive testingSaves time, costs on lab time and product waste
Stainless steel optionFor use with the OMNIR-SS (Stainless steel) for food-grade or caustic environments

Key Scanframe specifications

Data I/O:



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