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Service & Repair

We’re here for you. Our dedicated service technicians in four locations across North America and Europe are always ready to help through initial installation, training, and any other needs that may arise.

With our restoration and re-calibration services, your product can be returned to like-new condition, saving you time and money in the long run.

Knowledge Base for Systems

Look at our Knowledge Base for access to How-To articles, Manuals, Drawings, etc. for OMNIR and many of our lumber systems.


Our warranty terms are simple:

For OMNIR and SMART III lines: Twenty-four (24) months from shipping for parts and labor on new orders.

For our SCSFP line: Twelve (12) months from shipping for parts and labor on new orders.

Finna Sensors products are warrantied against defects in materials and manufacturing under normal use in accordance with instructions and specifications published by Finna Sensors. In the event of a product failure due to materials or workmanship, Finna Sensors will repair or replace the defective product. For warranty service, contact us for processing instructions.

Parts & Accessories

Finna Sensors offers parts & accessories to complement our on-line, handheld and lab product lines.

Portable Meter Inspection, Calibration & Repair

Our services/fees are as follows:

Initial Inspection Service: Upon our receipt, we will evaluate the portable meter to determine what needs to be serviced and/or repaired. The fee for this service is the following:

United States: $80.00 USD
International: $155.00 USD

After our Initial Inspection Service, there are three scenarios that can occur:

1. Calibration Service: If the portable meter only requires calibration, the Inspection Service costs will be waived and the fee (including the calibration certificate) would be:

United States: $175.00 USD
International: $250.00 USD

2. Repair: We will notify you of the components that need to be replaced and approximately how many hours that will take. The cost of repair will be added to the cost of the Inspection Service – We will require your approval before we will begin the work.

3. Beyond Economical Repair (BER): If our preliminary inspection shows that the Portable Meter requires major work in which the repair cost would exceed half the cost of a new instrument, it will be considered BER. A 10% discount will be offered at that time for a new meter if it is ordered within 30 days and we will waive the $80.00/$155.00 Inspection Service fee for the BER unit.

Please send your unit to the address below, including all contact information within your package:

Finna Sensors
9567 Arrow Route, Suite E
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.