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OMNIR: On-Line Near Infrared Sensor

Built for a Networked Future

Development of the OMNIR on-line near infrared moisture sensor began with the recognition that a new era has begun for manufacturing. Automation, and the associated sensors, must radically change to gather more process data that manufacturers will use to drive operational excellence. Unfortunately, after a thorough review of the available NIR sensors on the market, it is clear that they cannot meet these new demands. Most of these sensors were built 10+ years ago when technology was not as advanced.

Finna Sensors saw the opportunity to shake up the status quo. It embarked on a substantial investment to build a new NIR sensor, from the ground up, which offers the most advanced data gathering and analytics on the market. Coming from OMNI, meaning “all” and NIR, meaning “near infrared,” the OMNIR is an intelligent all-sensing solution that was created to thrive in a networked world with built-in Internet of Things (IOT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) features. It leverages the latest electronics and software to offer a ground-breaking solution for manufacturers.

TrueOptics TechnologyBackground suppression technology to reduce noise for greater measurement accuracy
Modular DesignStandard, off-the-shelf sensor can operate up to 85C
Multi-sensor networkIntegrates multiple sensors either pre-/post-dryer or in an array across a web or mat
Cloud-based software upgradesStay current with all-new enhancements without hardware upgrades or sending in sensors to the factory
Internet of Things (IoT) monitoring Monitor 19 points continuously to spot potential issues and correct before it becomes a problem
Data analytics toolsHistorical data analysis by shift, day, month and product to improve decision making
Remote DiagnosticsRapid diagnostics by trained Finna Sensors technicians

A New Way of Thinking

In any development effort, Finna Sensors makes sure to embrace its core product principles. These principles are:


1. Technology must be relatable to humans

OMNIR offers many features under our DataSense Architecture™ principle. OMNIR was built to be used on a Microsoft platform (Win 7 and newer) and SQL database. Using Microsoft software and databases means companies and their employees will be familiar with the interfaces and integration methods. Keeping everything relatable to the user is key to faster startup, training and adoption. The Windows application is clean and simple. It can be run on a tablet or desktop. It easily connects to the sensor on the production line.


2. Technology must take advantage of rapid innovation

The sensor was designed so that its technology can be regularly improved to take advantage of innovation.  One of its most unique features is that it can be upgraded via the cloud.  This means a user, with an Internet connection, can download the latest version of software without sending it in to Finna Sensors.  Similar to a phone application, the OMNIR application will reach out to the web to find the newest compatible version.  Finna Sensors provides these updates as it gathers suggestions for users around the world.  The company’s Persistent Innovative Development™ cycle ensures regular upgrades will be released to drive innovation.


3. Data drives success

Finna Sensors understands that data drives success, therefore, the sensor has robust factory floor integration options that allow it to pass rich measurement data and sensor health information. Finna Sensors built in 19 continuously monitored data points to report on sensor health. This gives the user confidence that the sensor is functioning properly and that it is within calibration. It also will foster faster troubleshooting and repair if anything requires service in the future. Techs can remotely view alarms to quickly determine the part needing attention.

Key Specifications
Moisture RangeMin: 0.1%, Max: 95% (± 0.1%)
Coat WeightMin: 0.1 gr./m, Max: 200 gr./m (± 0.1% gr./m)
Ambient Operating Temperature-20°- 80°C (- 4°- 176°F)
Measurement Area25 mm (1 in.)
Sample Rate60 calculations/second
Enclosure/WeightAluminum/ 12 lbs. (5.4 kg)
CertificationsCE, IP69K
Outputs2x 4-20 mA, Optional Discrete I/O
(Optional) Bus InterfacesEthernet, Ethernet/IP, Profinet, Profibus-DP
Modbus-TCP/IP, Modbus RTU, RS485, DeviceNet
(Optional) Temperature SensorMeasures material in 0 - 400°C (32 - 752°F) range

Useful Resources

OMNIR was built for a networked future where data is shared between systems to be used by humans to make operational decisions. Analytical tools are built in to the software to enable this future. Shift reports can be created to show results each day to spot opportunities for improvement. Historical charts help users dive deeper into the data for ways to optimize processes. More data can help, but it can also be overwhelming. The reporting and analysis software in OMNIR makes the large data sets useful for users so that the data is actionable.

OMNIR-SS Version

Finna Sensors also offers a Stainless Steel version of the OMNIR, called OMNIR-SS. It is most often used by manufacturers in the food or chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries, and/or by industries who require protection against corrosion caused by caustic elements, wet and humid environments and/or wash-down procedures.

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Move past a fixed point

Scanframe: Web-Profiling System

Scanframe allows the OMNIR sensor and its advanced software to take multiple-point readings of moisture and/or coat weight and drive new efficiencies across the production line. Powered by a motor and gear system, Scanframe is a non-contact aluminum beam that lets operators position the smart OMNIR sensor to take both manual and pre-programmed readings from multiple points across the web.

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