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When You Measure Matters

In the world of near infrared moisture sensors, the most common mode of operating is to measure light when it hits the sample.

In contrast, Finna Sensors measures light AFTER it hits the product, a unique choice that gives us (and your operation) a huge advantage. Measuring after the light hits the product allows the TrueOptics™ system to cancel out any noise that exists in the sensing field. It greatly decreases the interference from common “noise” such as: dust, fluorescence, steam, distance to product, vibration, particle size, changes in color, etc.

Competitors must all compensate for noise as they only shine the resonance frequency on the material. Their sensors must be calibrated to cancel out common sources of noise. Unfortunately, the compensation methods lead to other challenges in setup and stability of the overall sensor in a myriad of common manufacturing conditions.

Our TrueOptics™ system is tried and true in even harsh production environments, for years of successful, accurate, and instantaneous measurement.

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