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Internet of Things

How to Make the IoT Work for Your Manufacturing Operation

The Internet of Things (IOT) or Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) promises to revolutionize the manufacturing process by offering a wealth of data in real-time. Managers can obtain an instantaneous view of how their enterprises are doing at any time. Companies that don’t invest in IIOT risk their very existence as competing businesses make better decisions to optimize operations. In fact, McKinsey estimates IOT could generate $4 trillion to $11 trillion in global economic value by 2025.

What the IoT Can Do When Paired With Finna Sensors

IoT and AI rely upon data generated at the sensor level to drive all efficiencies in up-time, supply chain efficiency, etc. This data must be consistent, accurate and reliable. Sensors must have embedded common connectivity to pass measurement data for tracking purposes to larger data systems where information is aggregated for reporting and analysis.

Rich Data

The first use of this rich data is to predict maintenance needs before they happen to avoid downtime in operations. As businesses become more comfortable with the data, it can then be used to optimize operations by utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to filter and leverage the volume of data generated from the various sensors. The value of IoT and AI is limited only by the ability of the company to capture good data from sensors in the process.


We have made the strategic decision to make all of our sensors IoT-compatible. In particular, our latest sensors not only accurately measure moisture or other constituents, but also pass along key sensor-health information. Sensors will actively monitor 19-points internally to confirm its readings are accurate while performing diagnostics to report maintenance needs now or in the future.

The important thing for upstream data systems is to know if the sensors are measuring properly. Are they calibrated? Are they always self-checking? Can they tell me when they will fail? Can they tell me what will fail? If they fail, can they quickly diagnose the problem and advise on a fix? In all cases, we meet these demands with the IoT data being passed along via universal connectivity solutions.

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