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Persistent Innovative Development™

Our industry leading Persistent Innovative Development™ approach reflects our core business purpose, to Continuously Evolve Business Through Smart Innovation.

This means you do not have to wait for new product development life cycles, typically 3 to 7 years, for many companies.  We continuously innovate and evolve our solutions to help you grow faster.  Thanks to our unique DataSense™ Architecture, you can often enjoy the benefits of these new solutions without having to purchase new hardware.

We’ve had continued growth and industry success not out of luck or good fortune but rather because we are, simply put, never satisfied. As the world changes and your needs evolve, we are always looking forward and improving for you. We strive to lead you into a world with greater effectiveness and efficiency, and then to repeat that process again.

The Right Tools

We’ll keep you ahead of the curve with strategies for Internet of Things (IoT) adoption and give you the right tools and systems to succeed, grow, and improve your operations again and again.

At Finna Sensors, persistent innovation is a way of life – whether we are updating our products, or looking for new ways to attack industry verticals we’re well-versed in, we are constantly improving. Our sensor systems are built to make your manufacturing operations easier, more intelligent, and more autonomous than ever before.

With our modular design principle, our sensors and systems communicate wirelessly, maintain themselves, and perform with accuracy and precision no human can match – all while delivering data and insights that radically improve your operations. Our competitors are satisfied with building a product that works and resting until it’s copied or atrophies. We analyze the current situation, project for the future, and improve our offerings before your operation demands it to keep you ahead of the curve.

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