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OMNIR-SS: Stainless Steel On-Line Near Infrared Sensor

Built for Harsh Environments

In its relentless drive to create the most robust sensor on the market, Finna Sensors developed a stainless steel version of its innovative OMNIR™. Many process environments, especially in food as well as chemicals and pharmaceuticals, require protection against corrosion caused by caustic elements, wet and humid environments and/or wash-down procedures.

Finna Sensors left no stone unturned in its pursuit of creating the most rugged, yet technologically-advanced sensor:

All of these careful steps were taken to ensure the sensor performs at the highest level in even the harshest of environments. But just functioning isn’t enough. The sensor was installed with all of the cutting-edge data gathering and analytics that can be found on the OMNIR™. OMNIR-Stainless Steel offers manufacturers a robust yet technically advanced sensor to tackle all of their measurement needs.

TrueOptics TechnologyBackground suppression technology to reduce noise for greater measurement accuracy
Modular DesignStandard, off-the-shelf sensor can operate up to 85C
Multi-sensor networkIntegrates multiple sensors either pre-/post-dryer or in an array across a web or mat
Cloud-based software upgradesStay current with all-new enhancements without hardware upgrades or sending in sensors to the factory
Internet of Things (IoT) monitoring Monitor 19 points continuously to spot potential issues and correct before it becomes a problem
Data analytics toolsHistorical data analysis by shift, day, month and product to improve decision making
Remote DiagnosticsRapid diagnostics by trained Finna Sensors technicians

Hardware-enhancing software

OMNIR™ Stainless Steel continues the Finna Sensors development focus on software. By putting as many functions as possible in software, enhancements can be made to drive innovation without requiring expensive new hardware.

This approach has served Finna Sensors customers well over the years. New analytics or sensing options can be remotely uploaded to the firmware so that data being pulled from the hardware can drive further innovation. Many of these upgrades can happen in minutes by simply pulling down the latest software upgrade via the web. The system is smart enough to know how to perform the upgrade on its own, requiring minimal work by the operator. By keeping the focus on software, the hardware life is extended. This helps drive down the lifetime cost of ownership and dramatically increase the return on investment.

Useful Resources

Besides its durability in harsh manufacturing environments, OMNIR-SS was built for a networked future where data is shared between systems to be used by humans to make operational decisions. Analytical tools are built in to the software to enable this future. Shift reports can be created to show results each day to spot opportunities for improvement. Historical charts help users dive deeper into the data for ways to optimize processes. More data can help, but it can also be overwhelming. The reporting and analysis software in OMNIR-SS makes the large data sets useful for users so that the data is actionable.

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