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Why Use Radio Frequency (RF)?

For many applications, radio frequency (RF) measurement is the perfect fit. Though it requires constant contact or a known distance and consistent temperature for a proper measurement, it can penetrate further into the sample than other measurement methods. Therefore, in the case of lumber and gypsum, it can measure through the material to get an average reading of the cross-section. In some applications, that cross-section reading holds far greater importance than measurement methods that only measure surface conditions.

In starch applications, the use of ‘fringing’ fields allows the RF sensor to measure material that is in contact with the sensor. As long as a consistent amount of material is maintained, the readings are accurate. Therefore, an RF probe can be inserted into a silo or similar type application to measure material in the process with great success.


Material measured with RF should have moisture between 3% and 50%. Below 3% and RF cannot accurately determine changes in moisture. Above 50% and the signal can become saturated.

Common applications for RF moisture measurement include:

Why Use It?

RF penetrates deeper than other measurement methods and it’s simple design is cost-effective. Our RF sensors offer the broadest range of frequencies in the industry, from 2KHz to 2MHz.

The benefits of measuring radio frequencies is the depth of penetration and it’s simple, cost-effective design. Finna Sensors offers the broadest range of frequencies in the industry, from 2 KHz to 2 MHz. How and when a specific technique is used depends on many factors, and we have the decades of expertise to help you determine the best fit for you.

Customers depend on our RF sensors’ rugged design and accurate measurements. Add in recent enhancements that include IoT and AI functions and our RF sensors are, hands down, best in class for your radio frequency measurement needs.

How Does RF Work?

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Create The Right Radio Frequency Solution

From continuous measurement to lab to final quality control checks, we can help you create the right integrated solution to optimize your efficiency and increase your profits.