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Finna Group is now Finna Sensors

With the start of the new decade, Finna Group is making some of the most significant changes in our history. When we acquired AquaMeasure/Moisture Register Products in 2015, the Finna Group name was formed to unify all of the brands that the company held. Just like our products, our company continues to evolve. We are transforming from a ‘group’ of independently operating companies to a single, integrated supplier of IOT-enabled sensors. To memorialize this change, Finna Group is now Finna Sensors.

Finna Sensors was established to continuously evolve business through smart innovation. Finna, itself, is an old Norse word that means, “to seek” or “to find.” This is not simply a name change. While historically a sensor business focused on advanced manufacturing, we are rapidly expanding our offering to include Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and other key software and network enhancements for successful next-generation automation. Our culture of smart innovation drives our business to the next level.

Several elements of this new identity will be rolling out over the next several months – I know that our customers and partners will be as excited as we are. In the meantime, I encourage you to reach out to us to see how we can help you drive more efficiency, throughput and quality in your operations.

Patrick Youssi
President, Finna Sensors