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Five ways all-season Densigrader: Dynamic Weight Sorter improves output

If you’re responsible for navigating the economic payback and ROI of technology improvements at the mill level, then you’re balancing the needs of your budget against current lumber markets. When those markets are volatile, your balancing powers can get a real workout!

To help meet that need, we offer Dynalyse’s Densigrader: Dynamic Weight Sorter. It works year-round (even on frozen lumber) to improve production speeds, increase quality outputs and helps you find new market opportunities. Densigrader can even save your budget on the back-end with its limited annual system maintenance and reliable up-time capacity.

It is all in the details, so here are the top five ways that Densigrader: Dynamic Weight Sorter from Finna Sensors will save your budget, and improve your output, no matter the market conditions:

1. All-Season Grading
Our Densigrader lumber sorting technology maintains and reports ongoing consistent weight and/or density readings, and sorting results, through all seasons and lumber conditions: dry, wet or frozen.

2. Cost Saving
By reducing the standard deviation in average moisture content, Densigrader sorts a more uniform product going into kilns, which delivers a more valuable product after drying:

3. Increase Production
Densigrader integrates directly into your mill production line and helps reduce common bottlenecks to kilns by up to 10%. With its compact installation footprint, it even works in mills with older, smaller or cramped saw lines.

4. Higher Quality Product
Densigrader technology delivers a 5% increase to production outputs by reducing the standard deviation of average moisture content and increasing the number of dried boards that fall within your target range. By reducing the volume of wet boards and over-dried boards, higher profit margins are created for your mill’s product.

5. New Market Opportunity
Finding new markets means building sales growth for your mill’s product and Densigrader can help. By improving the quality and accuracy of board output, and providing a more uniform end-product after drying, Densigrader can help you meet the more stringent technical specifications of new markets. This allows for the diversification of your mill’s lumber product to new markets with fresh opportunities.

We’d love to talk about your mill’s technology needs. Contact us today to learn even more about the features of our powerful Densigrader: Dynamic Weight Sorter. Please reach out on our contact page.