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Food Moisture Measurement – IFT16

Join us July 16-19 at the 2016 IFT16 Annual Meeting and Food Expo, Booth #2077

Moisture content in food affects taste, texture, appearance and shelf life, making it an essential element to control in the production process.

Finna Group’s moisture measurement products are important tools in controlling key areas of production. They help ensure your finished food product meets quality standards and has shelf life and stability. From receiving raw material to shipping finished goods, our moisture measurement systems help you monitor the moisture content of food.

To demonstrate the ability of our meters to measure moisture in food, we will be exhibiting at the IFT16 show from July 16-19, 2016 in Chicago, IL. Stop by our booth (#2077) to see our online, portable and lab moisture analyzers designed for agriculture and food processing. Our meters determine the food moisture content rapidly with little or no sample preparation and cause no physical or chemical changes in the food. With thousands of installations worldwide, our moisture meters have been used for testing moisture in various food items such as coffee, coffee creamers, tortillas, grains, cereals, soybeans, potato chips, pet foods, nuts, candies, bread crumbs and more.

Additionally, our systems are effective on all types of conveying: conveyors, screw conveyors, pneumatic, drop shoot or vibratory. Whether measuring powder, granules, chips, pellets or flakes, our moisture analyzers are non-destructive and do not make contact with the product.

Ideal for food products, our state-of-the-art, real-time moisture meters provide substantial benefits:

• Verify accuracy of weight-based pricing of raw materials
• Improve quality control by meeting industry standards
• Address production problems such as clumping and deterioration
• Eliminate production inefficiencies such as over-drying and mixing
• Lower energy costs with automated control capabilities

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