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Lumber strength grader certified at 260 lugs per minute

Finna Sensors is happy to report that its supplier, Dynalyse SE, has successfully developed and installed its next-generation Precigrader, a 260 lugs per minute (lpm) acoustic strength grading system, at a mass timber manufacturing facility in the United States. This particular application measures incoming lumber packs on the sort line, prior to the cross-laminated timber (CLT) line. The grade information is passed to an optical grader downstream. The faster speed was approved by American Lumber Standard Committee (ALSC) based on a report from the Southern Pine Inspection Bureau (SPIB).

Precigrader™ 2020 was developed over the last two years to target the fastest lumber lines, as well as enhance factory floor integration to both simplify plant communications and enhance the data passed to PLCs. These advancements establish Precigrader as the premier system for acoustic strength grading.

A second installation of Precigrader will be complete in the coming months for a major producer in the southern United States.

Why Strength Grade with Acoustic Systems?

Lumber producers that want to offer MSR lumber must typically choose between older systems that mechanically bends the lumber or newer online, non-destructive systems using the latest in acoustics to measure modulus of elasticity (MOE). MOE has been proven, over the years, to have strong correlation to strength with repeatable results.

Why Strength Grade with Precigrader™?

Precigrader is a passive system that has no motors, a small footprint and can reach speeds of 260 lugs per minute. Because of all of this, lumber producers can fit the solution into smaller spaces with high reliability and low maintenance. The team behind Precigrader has 25 years of experience, having installed over 200 systems at mills with lumber standards from all over the world.

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