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Maximize lumber mill profits with a customized service plan

It’s safe to say that lumber mills, like other industry manufacturers, need to keep their production lines up and running—to stay on schedule and ensure profit. A customized parts and service plan helps lumber mills reach production goals and prevent downtime.

Reducing downtime is a key consideration in production profitability. But how is that done? At Finna Sensors, we’ve found success for mills by developing a customized parts and service plan that fits each site’s specific needs.

No matter the site, the lumber mill environment can be rough on different hardware and components. Over time, the environment can cause components and equipment to degrade or fail. When this happens, the production line goes down and opportunity costs are lost.

With a customized parts and service plan, mills have the option to achieve better system value with a proactive approach to ensuring up-time.

Proactive Maintenance

Production lines lose thousands of dollars per hour in opportunity costs when they go down. That financial loss is where a customized and proactive maintenance plan can save money by improving system value, reducing unscheduled downtime and extending the life of the system itself.

Since all mill sites are different, the opportunity to customize the service package to fit the mill’s needs is a key component of a successful parts and service relationship.

At Finna Sensors, we work with clients to find and address their site-specific needs. We offer customized service visits, spare parts kits, and our online Knowledge Base that provides easy access to detailed product information, specifications and product videos. We also provide ongoing operator training.

Operator Training

With advancements in technology and a natural turnover in staffing, operator training and re-training is an important consideration in a parts and service plan. In every industry, operators benefit from training—and that improves the production’s bottom line.

Lumber mills can consider combining service and training; consider a half day to service your hardware and ensure your systems are running well, and a half day to train operators. This scenario, or one that fits your mill’s needs better, can maximize value and save time for both the mill and the service provider. From the mill’s perspective, no matter the equipment, additional training for operators can be the difference between unintended errors and a smooth, profitable outcome.

Spare Parts

No one wants to shut down production over a cable or a connector that has been damaged by the harsh lumber mill environment. A simple spare parts kit can ensure downtime is minimized significantly.

Just like proactive maintenance and operator training, spare parts kits are customized to meet the needs of each specific mill site. The spare parts kept onsite allow a skilled operator to quickly address the part issue. Downtime in this scenario is minimized because there are no parts to order, and no delivery delays. The production line is quickly back up and running.

Service Options

No matter who your supplier is, make sure you’ve got options. Your supplier should offer parts and service plans, but also be available if you need them outside of any approved plan.

At Finna Sensors, we offer tech support to our clients when it’s needed. With skilled techs located across the United States and Canada, Finna Sensors is ready to respond to your needs. Our customers can reach us online or by phone to start a support ticket and find the help they need.

Along with our tech visits to mill sites, we also offer remote support to our clients. Our Finna Sensors techs are diligent in ensuring the validity, security and safety of all remote connections and commands.

The Knowledge Base

Since Finna Sensors began disrupting the lumber moisture sensor business, we’ve also developed a Knowledge Base, a free, searchable library of information, specifications, pictures and videos of our technology. Here operators can identify parts, review documentation, even watch a video that can help solve problems and find solutions that work.

Convenience and Value

In a mill environment, all suppliers should be providing production operators with convenience and value. It’s the goal to provide both that drives Finna Sensors to ensure our clients can reach tech help in multiple ways.

Talk to us today and discover the convenience and value found in a considered and deliberate parts and service plan. It’s a relationship designed to bring you the most value from every Finna Sensors system.

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