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IP69K-rated OMNIR moisture sensor

OMNIR rated at IP69K ingress protection

Do you think about ingress protection (IP) ratings when you’re purchasing production hardware and upgrades? If you don’t, it could be increasing your maintenance costs more than you think.

The IP rating

IP is a value that rates your production hardware for resistance to dust and moisture. For instance, the IP rating on the in-line OMNIR moisture sensor from Finna Sensors is IP69K. That rating breaks down like this:

Combined into an IP rating, the OMNIR sensor’s IP69K status provides reliability for your production line in regards to dust ingress and from high temperature pressure spray.

The IP69K rating also ensures the OMNIR sensor is graded for food preparation facilities, where hygiene and durability combine.

OMNIR is the only in-line NIR sensor that offers its IP69K-rated sensor as a standard feature

Resilience of hardware on the production line is a key metric for success – if your hardware doesn’t work, then it doesn’t provide value. Each production environment benefits from meeting the highest durability standards it can. That’s why our engineering team drove to get our our sensor enclosure certified at the highest possible rating.

But not all of our competitors’ near infrared moisture sensors are rated at this same standard. Most are either IP65 or IP67.

That means you could be buying a moisture sensor that still lacks resistance to high pressure/temperature spray (IP65), or that has only a water immersion rating—no spray (IP67). Both IP65 and IP67 introduce clear durability limitations, and potential maintenance costs, that are nearly eliminated by the more robust IP69K rating. The competitors that do offer a IP69K option can charge up to thousands extra for this feature. Not us – every OMNIR we send out comes standard with a IP69K rating – at no additional cost to our customers.

IEC Standards

IP ratings are set by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), who set and monitor global standard for ratings of electrical hardware resistance to solid and liquid particles.

It’s notable that the organization has certified very few moisture meters to the same IP standards now used by Finna Sensors. That’s likely because meeting the global IP standards requires a lengthy and expensive process of testing, oversight, and reporting.

Finna Sensors’ moisture sensors were vigorously subjected to harsh IEC tests that delivered exposure to the toughest environments found on production lines across multiple industries.

The final 13-page results report, provided by the IEC, details the entire process and its granular findings: Finna Sensors’ moisture meters are performing to the highest standards, in this case it’s IP69K.

More to come

Achieving the highest IP rating for its moisture sensor hardware is yet another advancement from Finna Sensors. The company’s dedicated drive to develop innovative hardware and software solutions around moisture content sensing and real-time control is improving production lines globally.

Finna Sensors can help your production line improve too. The right IP rating matters, so talk to us about our extensive line of moisture sensors for use in the hundreds of applications our sensor will work for.

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