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Moving past a fixed point – Scanframe: Web-Profiling System for moisture & coat weight

In manufacturing, profit can be made or lost on the production line. Controlling production efficiency for improved payback is why Finna Sensors developed the OMNIR on-line near infrared sensor. Now, Finna Sensors’ new Scanframe: Web-Profiling System gives OMNIR the freedom to measure cross-directionally and see what’s happening across a paper or substrate with a coating being applied. The benefit? It all comes down to cost control. What is seen and measured, can be adjusted and controlled for better payback.
Scanframe easily positions above your production line to help you:

What’s Near Infrared (NIR)?

NIR stands for “near infrared,” a scientifically accurate and operator-safe spectroscopic reading of wavelengths. The OMNIR sensor has the most advanced NIR data gathering and analytics on the market, providing real-time collection and analysis of moisture and coat weight.

Specified product data is collected by shining a non-invasive light on the material substrate. The OMNIR sensor, calibrated for that specific material, interprets the returning light energy using an advanced photo detector, intuitive smart software and automation options.

Using Scanframe:Web-Profiling System

What you can’t see and measure, you can’t adjust or control in production. The Scanframe allows operators in manufacturing, such as paper products and food and drug packaging, to automate and move the non-contact, non-invasive OMNIR sensor to a preprogrammed or manually input pattern across up to 20 feet. Rather than just a fixed point, this lets operators see more of the line and allows for time-saving adjustments to control needs and output. Through sensor readings, software generates powerful analytics to help guide manufacturing to find new efficiencies and cost savings in their moisture-sensitive and coat weight applications.

Scanframe is a mechanical scanning innovation designed to traverse the intelligent OMNIR sensor. Powered by a motor and gear system, the OMNIR smoothly glides across a robust aluminum  I-beam (stainless steel option also available), positioning the OMNIR sensor either manually or to programmed measurement location points, for a non-contacting, continuous measure and output of robust moisture or coat weight data.

Controlled through a PLC computer, Scanframe easily integrates OMNIR sensor data in real time and delivers combined output of both sensor position and measurement value. Smart software visualizes results to help identify areas for improvement across a sheeted web. Scanframe includes its own control panel, smart software, and a motorized guidance system to position the OMNIR sensor and collect data as the sensor scans. It can be programmed to move at variable speeds and allows for adaptable motion patterns.

Scanframe Use-Cases

There are several instances where customers ask to capture a broad range of coat weight or moisture readings taken from across the web. Some webs will be applying a curtain coat to cover an entire sheet. While others will divide the profile of the moisture or coat weight readout into different zones across the web. This can be done across clear films too.

Scanframe changes the game for these operations with enhanced collection of OMNIR sensor data. The new information is used to control the cost of:

The more complex the manufacturing, the more power Scanframe gives the OMNIR sensor. Powerful new efficiencies can be realized in complex manufacturing processes that require multiple stages of coating at many different points.

A use-case example is the automated production of stickers. A sticker can be made with silicone coated paper and an adhesive that gets laminated to a base paper. The final sticker has a print on it, and when you peel the sticker off, the printed coating transfers or releases from that silicone base and that’s what sticks. Get the moisture or coat weights wrong and the product won’t stick, or maybe won’t release at all.

In a multi-stage case like this, the process operator might want to measure the moisture of the base paper or depth of coating on the silicone liner before laminating. They might also want to look at re-moisturizing to ensure the sheet is laying completely flat, or the manufacturer might look to ensure their coatings are evenly applied. No matter the pain point, Scanframe and OMNIR deliver the robust data that these complex production processes require. Together with Finna Sensors’ smart software, the work to find efficiencies and savings across the line, and to help operators produce the best possible product at the best possible cost.

Is Scanframe right for you?

If controlling your production costs, reducing waste, increasing production output, saving time and optimizing product quality is important to you, Scanframe:Web-Profiling System is a smart scanning solution. Scanframe is ideally suited for both narrow and wide webs measuring and optimizing cross directional moisture addition via steam, spray, or reverse-roll water addition by reintroducing moisture back into the sheet or weight of coatings for the measurement of coating deposition thickness, whether it be water-based, UV adhesive or hotmelt.

Scanframe is also designed with a dedicated maintenance “park” position that allows the sensor to be easily positioned off-sheet for roll changes on the line, web breaks, OMNIR calibration or maintenance. With Internet of Things (IOT) in mind, Scanframe and OMNIR are both designed to be connected for diagnostics and software upgrades through a simple internet connection.

Ready for a Scanframe conversation?

We’ll work with you to evaluate your manufacturing concerns and production pain points. Together, Scanframe and OMNIR from Finna Sensors have the power to move your production forward with efficiency.

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