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SCS Forest Products re-branding under Finna Group

President Patrick Youssi writes a letter to SCS Forest Products customers about acquiring Moisture Register, re-branding under Finna Group umbrella

Dear SCS Forest Products Customers,

The last year was a momentous one for SCS Forest Products. In July of 2015, we purchased Moisture Register Products (also known as AquaMeasure) based in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Like SCSFP, Moisture Register is a process automation instrumentation company and has manufactured proprietary moisture sensors for many years.

As part of the acquisition, SCS Forest Products has now re-branded under the newly created Finna Group umbrella to represent our growing product line. Ultimately, the increased scale of Finna Group is good news for our customers.

In the short time we have worked with Moisture Register, we are thrilled not only by the products added to our moisture measurement portfolio, but by the expertise of their people as well. They truly understand the many nuances of radio frequency, near infrared and handheld moisture measurement. We believe that this increased knowledge base will be effective in how we continue to expand our forestry line and strengthen our global presence.

New Brand Identity
As a visible sign of the new stage we have entered, you will begin to see our new corporate identity over the next several months. Finna, pronounced ‘finn-ah,’ comes from Old Norse and means, “to find” or “to discover.” We believe it is a good word to describe our people and our culture. At Finna Group, we challenge each other to find the best answers. We seek data to deliver greater products, embrace persistent innovation and welcome competition to push us harder. We respond with relentless pursuit until our performance meets our high expectations.

What this all means for you
Finna Group will continue to offer you high-quality solutions from the same people you are used to receiving them from. As I touched on, the Moisture Register knowledge base is significant and will be combined with our years of experience in the forestry industry to devise new technology we know you will be excited about. Additionally, there is a section of our new website,, dedicated specifically to SCSFP Products. On it, many of the parts to our products can now be bought there directly for your convenience.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with you for years to come.

Best regards,
Patrick Youssi, President


You can view the PDF version of the letter here.