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SCSFP introduces Europe and hardwood in-kiln moisture meters

Using industry-proven technology, the KilnScout Wireless in-kiln moisture meter allows your operation to control dry kilns from direct moisture content readings. This in-kiln system eliminates the need for costly hot checks by shutting down confidently at target moisture content. The result is improved grade recovery, reduced energy costs and increased throughput. SCS Forest Products by Finna Group has updated its flagship KilnScout-Softwood model and added two new application-specific lines:


The original KilnScout has been improved to withstand the rigors of high-temperature softwood kilns. SCSFP’s new two-chamber design allows batteries to be changed without affecting the internal circuit board. Heavy-duty posts with wingnuts and thicker leads have also been added for increased durability. Updated software gives users the ability to send IOT alerts via text or email. An enhanced interface provides SPC control and automated push rate on continuous kilns.


This hardwood in-kiln moisture meter was conceived from the software that has made KilnScout a mainstay for softwood mills and hardware that is more suited to the lower temperatures of hardwood kilns. Hardwood mills will no longer have to spend precious hours per week checking just a few outside boards, which are not even representative of the entire package, with a pinned handheld moisture meter or weighing oven samples.


Our model designed for European mills has the same shell as the KilnScout-Hardwood but is aimed to meet the requirements of European manufacturing and wood species, including being CE-certified.

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