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SCSFP showcasing updated technology at Timber Processing & Energy Expo

SCSFP by Finna Group is dedicated to continuous innovation for our moisture control systems to drive bottom-line results for our customers. Our goal is to make the manufacturing process as seamless and effective as possible, and our new technology continues to improve that vision. We are exhibiting our innovative updates at the Timber Processing & Energy Expo (TP&EE) from October 17-19 (Booth #251).


At the Expo, we will be showcasing our Sawmill Moisture Sorting System and High-Definition, Non-Contact (HDNC) Sensors. The Sawmill Moisture Sorting System sorts lumber pieces into four moisture groups with similar drying characteristics. The HDNC Sensors accurately measure moisture content to ensure dried boards meet grading rules. New features for these systems are listed below.


New features for our Sawmill Moisture Sorting System include:

New features for our HDNC Sensors include:

The new technology listed above increases the accuracy of readings, minimizes maintenance requirements and minimizes downtime. These updates ensure that our customers are getting the highest value for each board produced. Overall results include higher-grade yield, improved kiln efficiency and increased throughput.
If you cannot attend the Timber Processing & Energy Expo to learn more about our moisture meters, please contact us for more information.