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SCSFP sponsor of SLMA Conference in Colorado

SCSFP by Finna Group will attend the Southeastern Lumber Manufacturer’s Association (SLMA) Annual Conference from July 18-21. This year’s conference takes on a special meaning as it is set to take place in Beaver Creek, Colorado, our home state. We have decided to honor this occasion by being a Silver-level sponsor of the Friday night cocktail during the “SLMA Supper Club at 8100” dinner. We encourage attendees to come by to enjoy a relaxing evening with excellent food, drinks and aesthetic. During the expo hours on Thursday, July 19 and Friday, July 20, please stop by Booth #41 to learn about the exceptional upgrades to our moisture sensors, including Continuous Kiln Control and High Definition (HD) Measurement. These features are illustrated briefly below:

Continuous Kiln Control

Dynamically control the push rate (speed at which lumber carts are moved through continuous kiln) using the KilnScout moisture system.

1) Automation & elimination of uncertainty in work
2) Optimized throughput and yield

High Definition Measurement 

For the Sawmill (1500) and Transverse (2400) systems, provides a more thorough profile of boards to allow users better detection of wet pockets for advanced sorting in the sawmill and trimming in the planer.

1) Improved kiln efficiency and throughput
2) Improved grade recovery

For more information, or if you cannot attend, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!