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Update: Finna Group’s future into 2018

A letter from Finna Group President Patrick Youssi

Finna Group has realized another record year in fiscal 2017, demonstrating the strong competitive position of the company in its key markets. Since the acquisition of AquaMeasure/Moisture Register Products in 2015, the company has seen impressive growth as customers take advantage of our unique, and growing, set of sensors that enable process automation.

Our success could only be achieved by providing strong value to our customers. Our exceptional team at Finna Group has worked hard in 2017 to deliver the results that our customers demand. In fact, a large percentage of business continues to be sales to our existing, long-term, valued customers. For this, we are grateful, but also determined to maintain these special relationships.

Looking forward, we anticipate 2018 to be a milestone year. Finna Group is nearing completion on multiple, major new product releases that will be unveiled throughout the year. All of them promise to be ground-breaking technologies to drive automation in manufacturing. I encourage you to keep an eye out for news that announces each of these new products. Additionally, the company is making changes to advance the customer experience. Investments in technology and training will enhance an already positive engagement.

We are excited about the opportunities over the next 5 years as we execute on our long-term goals. Our commitment to persistent innovation remains a guiding principal as we seek new ways to deliver value to our customers.

We look forward to working with you in 2018.

Patrick Youssi
President, Finna Group