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Asphalt Shingles Moisture Sensor

Avoiding Unnecessary Moisture Issues in Asphalt Shingles

Excess moisture in the asphalt shingles manufacturing process can lead to longevity problems after shingle installation such as blistering, curling, or elevated sections on the shingles. While small ones may be part of the aging process, larger blisters may be a manufacturing defect often caused by excesses water retention. The blisters can cause premature mineral granule loss after installation due to weather exposure or foot traffic from roofing or chimney repairs. Granule loss causes the asphalt penetrated fiber base mat to be exposed to rain and heat conditions that promote leakage, greatly diminishing the quality and lifespan of the shingles and potentially costing you your reputation as a quality asphalt shingle manufacturer. Finna Sensors NIR on line moisture meters are useful in the manufacturing process to assure excess water removal after shingle washing and then to detect any residual moisture on the dried finished shingles.

NIR Sensors

Our NIR sensors can be used at many points in and around the manufacturing process, down to assuring you attain the low moisture levels needed on the granules used to coat the finished roofing shingle.

End-to-End Moisture Measurement

Other Finna Sensors portable moisture meters can also be useful in trouble shooting the various shingle problems both during the manufacturing process and after installation to ensure accurate end-to-end moisture measurement and the quality control you need to maintain your reputation and increase the efficiency of your manufacturing operation without missing a necessary data point.

OMNIR for Asphalt

The OMNIR On-Line Near Infrared Moisture Sensor not only delivers accurate data instantaneously and non-destructively, it also monitors its own health to help keep your operation running smoothly. Click the button to see how Finna Sensors can assist in augmenting your asphalt shingles process.

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