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Finna Sensors helps customers drive process efficiency with a range of on-line and handheld sensors measuring moisture and other product constituents

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Lumber Ag & Food Processing Chemical/Pharma Mineral/Mining

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Manufacturing is growing more demanding – you face tight deadlines, safety challenges, and ever-changing quality requirements, plus the added pressure to regularly improve your systems and processes. Given your years of experience and industry expertise, making forward progress should be a lot easier. But it feels like you keep hitting roadblocks and not getting where you need to go. Maybe you’re stuck trying to balance new company directives, government regulations, or productivity goals that seem unachievable. Boosting performance and achieving your objectives shouldn’t be the thing that makes you feel under the gun and stressed.

Your industry changes fast, and you need a partner that keeps up with the changes. That’s where we come in.

At Finna Sensors, we are focused on advancing your Industry 4.0 manufacturing performance. We are the only sensing technology (hardware, software & systems) innovator in the world providing a DataSense™ Architecture software-driven technology focused on increasing your performance. We achieve improved uptime and reduce your costs through:

  • Easier installation and setup
  • Enhanced Dashboard and Analytics
  • Flexibility and Scalability (new features without hardware upgrades)
  • Consistent Data Streams
  • Internet of Things (IoT) – predictive maintenance (action intelligence)
    • Condition based asset management
      • Alarm management
      • Predictive maintenance (time and condition) – increase uptime
  • Alignment-focused process that allows us to align with your company’s directives
  • Energy-conscious solutions that reduce plant costs

Change is inevitable, but the anxiety around it doesn’t have to be. Together we’ll identify your specific business needs, though a free evaluation, and match you with a solution that works so well, it feels like it’s anticipating your next needs before you realize you need them. Our secret comes down to a continual thirst for innovation and a passion for providing solutions that take your company to the next level. We will make you the champion of that success.

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Expert Measurement Improving Your Performance

We measure a variety of components critical to the success of many industries manufacturing processes. Which measurement methods work best will depend on a variety of factors including your operational goals. Implementing our expertise, we can build a measurement solution that connects the right dots, delivers the right information, and provides you with the tools you need to respond in real-time to your process line’s needs. Add in the Internet of Things (IoT) component, that our innovative moisture sensing technology provides, and you have an untouchable solution to all your moisture-sensing needs.

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