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Coat Weight Measurement

On-Line Coating Analysis

Analyzing the coat-weight of your coating is a critical part of maintaining an efficient and effective operation. When you utilize our NIR meters to provide the necessary data, you cut down on costly mistakes as well as unnecessary labor all while increasing the quality of your final product and minimizing product loss.

How Does it Work?

Coating thickness can be accurately measured and instantly displayed in any units appropriate to the application and necessary for your operation. Typical coating units that can be digitally displayed are ounces per square year, mils, pounds per thousand square feet (or 3000 square feet), grams per square meter, etc.

These measurements are made by mounting a near infrared (NIR) sensor about 10 inches over the measured material and shining a one inch diameter light onto the surface. The sensor is mounted just after the wet coating is applied. Coating techniques can be gravure, rotating wire-wound rod, stationary rod, spray, dip., etc. The non-contact sensor measures coat weight or moisture by comparing energy at two NIR wavelengths, and sends the signal to an alphanumeric display at the readout console.

Calibration Data Entry

This console also provides a sealed touch keypad for all calibration data entry including unlimited calibration tables, alarm set points, loss of coating or web alarms, PID control table, and 4-20ma or Ethernet output signals proportional to coat weight or moisture content. The Ethernet output signal is useful for recording or for closed loop control of process variables such as line speed, transfer roll revolution, gap pressure, dryer temperature/dampener adjustments, etc.

Meter Calibration Is Simple

The coating analyzer is easily calibrated by securing just two raw signals that are proportional to two known coat weight samples. the first signal is simply read off the console display while holding an uncoated sample under the sensors light source. A second (higher) signal is read while the process is running at normal operation conditions producing target coat weights. This table, representing two calibration signals versus two known coat weights (zero and target coating) is entered into the readout console via the keypad and stored in two internal look-up-tables. The console MOISTURE key is then pressed to view direct coat weights or moisture content on the digital display.

Create The Right Coat Weight Solution

Whatever your measurement needs, we can help you create the right, integrated solution to optimize your efficiency and increase your profits.