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Model AM-III: Paper Moisture Meter


The Model AM-III is a hand-held paper moisture meter used to measure rolls, stacks, or reams. The natural fluctuation of moisture content in paper can cause curl or cracking, a potentially costly problem for producers and consumers of paper products. The Model AM-III delivers an immediate, accurate measurement used to identify damaging moisture shifts before it causes loss of product.

Originally marketed under the Moisture Register brand, the Model AM-III has been sold to more than 1,500 users. A key advantage of this product is a library of frequency and operating modes used to minimize the influence of pH and temperature. Customers experience greater quality and throughput as a result of their improved monitoring of paper moisture levels.

Option 115 VAC for North America, South America, Japan
Option 220 VAC for Australia, Europe and most of Asia

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Full Description

The Model AM-III paper moisture meter is a portable, microcontroller-based instrument that permits instantaneous, nondestructive measurement on all types of paper and paperboard. Immediate, accurate moisture readings are obtained on moving or stationary rolls, stacks, or reams.

The paper industry has long recognized the need for rapid on-line moisture measurement to assure efficient energy usage and a high yield of good quality paper.

Finna Sensors’ engineers have decades of experience with measuring paper moisture and have built a rugged, portable instrument which truly excels in measurement accuracy.

Model AM-III Paper Moisture Meter Features

  • Pre-programmed with 11 different calibration curves, field-selectable in pairs
  • Measures 0 to 15 percent moisture range
  • Heavy gauge stainless steel rollers
  • Double sealed precision bearings
  • Recessed digital LED display calibrated directly in percent moisture
  • Internal electrical standard assures calibration accuracy
  • Protected against static discharges
  • Lead acid gel rechargeable battery
  • Calibrations programmed in microcontroller
  • Complete with an automatic battery charger, carrying case and Operating Instructions book

Model AM-III Applications: – Bleached Sulphite Board – Liner Board – Bond Paper – Market Pulp – Corrugating Medium – Newsprint – Creped Wadding – Particle Board – Disposable Diapers – Roofing Felt – Envelope Stock – Release Paper – Fiber Mat – Tissue – Glassine – Tobacco Paper – Hardboard – Toweling – Jute – Tube Stock – Kraft

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