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Model B: Concrete Moisture Meter


The Model B concrete moisture meter design is based on more than 40 years of experience in the field of moisture testing. The instrument was specifically designed for the concrete block industry under the guidance of C.M. Rollins, Director of Research, Basalt Rock Company. Mr. Rollins used the Model B in conjunction with the ASTM Method C-140 to establish calibrations for over 34 different kinds of concrete block which were procured from more than 18 manufacturers throughout the United States.

Option 115 VAC for North America, South America, Japan
Option 220 VAC for Australia, Europe and most of Asia

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Full Description

Choosing the best concrete moisture meter

Not catching the moisture content of concrete early on can cause several problems later when they are much harder to solve. Besides discoloration such as calcium deposits, moisture in concrete can cause delamination. These issues, along with concrete block shrinkage, causes costly re-works that could have been prevented with a concrete moisture meter.

Many concrete floor coverings require the concrete to be properly dried prior to the addition of the coverings. Covering materials are sensitive to moisture content. Vinyl composites, carpets with rubber backing, wood and linoleum laminates, etc., require a dry slab prior to their installation. Since time is usually of the essence when wishing to apply the coverings, the slab must be cured properly to avoid problems such as adhesive delamination. Spray applied curing compounds can potentially contaminate the slab surface and would adversely affect the adhesive properties. Impervious plastic or paper sheeting is the preferred curing method allowing fast curing that will not adversely affect the covering adhesion. When removed within a week or less, early drying is achieved without risk of contamination of the concrete surface and consequent adhesive performance degradation.

Operating on the radio frequency power loss absorption principle, the Model B projects an RF field into the test area. Material containing moisture absorbs part of the current, and the meter indicates moisture content due to power loss and expresses it in percentage absorption.

The Model B concrete moisture meter is equipped with two colored coded, direct reading dials for average percent moisture content. For increased accuracy, the numerical value on the 0 to 50 scale can be converted to percent moisture by referring to one of the calibration curves in the manual. In addition, this reading may be converted to percent moisture by referring to a specific curve or chart established for your particular aggregate. For maximum accuracy and easy readability, a specific calibration scale for your particular aggregate maybe ordered and printed on the meter dial.

The Special Arrangement of 17 dome shaped, spring loaded electrode buttons assures good contact with both rough and fine textured blocks. Stainless Steel has been used to provide maximum wear ability and corrosion resistance.

Meets NCMA Specifications

The Model B concrete moisture meter makes possible assurances of compliance with NCMA specifications for moisture content as related to concrete block shrinkage. Once accurately calibrated, the Model B can prevent costly reworks due to excess block shrinkage, and you can offer proof to your customers that your materials meet NCMA specifications.

Key Model B Concrete Moisture Meter Features:

  • Direct Reading Scales for average percent moisture content.
  • Calibration Charts for Most Block Types based on ASTM Standard C-140 in compliance with NCMA specifications.
  • Built-in Standard and Trimmer permits calibration checks at any time.

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