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Model DC-2000: Wood Moisture Meter

The Model DC-2000 Wood Moisture Meter is a portable hand-held microprocessor that provides fast and accurate digital moisture read-out in the moisture range of 5 to 65 percent range. Auto ranging with self-checking and low battery indication. Complete with Two Built-in Needles, Four Spare Needles, 9V DC Battery and Operating Instructions Book. Shipping weight is 2 pounds.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use, simply insert the needle into the test area
  • Tough, pocket size instrument weighs less than 8 ounces
  • Easy to read LCD display shows actual moisture content, no calibration chart or tables!
  • Advanced, micro-controller circuit no adjustments are necessary
  • Operates on a single 9-Volt battery
  • Test wood moisture content from 5% to 65%
  • Ideal for Contractors, Lumber Yards, Exterminators, and Hobbyists


SKU: DC-2000

Full Description

The Model DC-2000 wood moisture meter is designed and calibrated to test the moisture content of lumber, wood products and surfaces to be painted. This easy-to-operate instrument can be used in factories, mills and yards by anyone regardless of their technical skill to obtain accurate, immediate results.

The Model DC-2000 has two built-in 7/16″ needles and determines the moisture content by measuring the electrical resistance between the needles that are driven into the wood. The instrument reads the wettest portion of the wood rather than averaging the moisture content which might otherwise be misleading. Several tests can be taken along a board in less than a minute to also disclose any gradients or wet streaks.

In addition to its accuracy and versatility, the Model DC-2000 wood moisture meter can be used:
  • to estimate the shrinkage of wood
  • to check for gradient distribution of moisture.
  • to locate conditions where wood decay and dry-rot are creating a breeding ground for pests.
  • to trace water leaks in walls and roofs before painting or rot takes place.


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