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Model DC-2011: Cork Moisture Meter


The DC-2011 cork moisture meter is a portable hand-held microprocessor-based meter that provides fast and accurate digital moisture read-out in the moisture range of 4 to 22 percent. It includes auto-ranging with self-checking and low battery indication. Complete with Two Built-in Needles, 9V DC Battery and Operating Instructions Book. DC Series Carrying Case sold separately.

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SKU: DC-2011

Full Description

The Model DC-2011 cork moisture meter is specifically designed and calibrated for testing cork. The Model DC-2011 determines the cork moisture content by means of a DC resistance circuit which measures the total current which moisture causes to flow between the needle electrodes. The auto ranging display reads in direct moisture content percent. By testing your cork stoppers for moisture content with the Model DC-2011, this cork moisture meter can reduce or eliminate profit loss or customer product rejection due to:

  • Oxygen seepage causing product spoilage
  • Product evaporation and leakage
  • Degradation of product quality
  • Poor cork compressibility
  • Floating cork dust
  • Cracked corks
  • Too dry or brittle corks

The Model DC-2011 has two built-in needles for fast production testing and an auto ranging feature for automatic adjustment to different cork moisture ranges. A self-diagnostic routine and a low battery indicator make the Model DC-2011 reliable and easy to use.

DC-2011 Cork Moisture Meter Features:

  • Digital Reading in the 4 to 22 Percent Moisture Content Range
  • Microprocessor based with large LCD Display for easy reading
  • Encased in a rugged, molded plastic case making it durable for field usage
  • Field tested by qualified vintners and used by wineries around the world
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“The cork is the last thing to touch our wine before it gets poured into a consumer’s glass. Quality and moisture are paramount, so we do not take any chances. Our DC-2011’s give us the peace of mind that we are putting corks in at the correct moisture every time.”

- Josh Rutherford, Purchasing Agent, King Estate Winery

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“The DC-2011 Cork moisture meter is a critical and easy-to-use item in our quality control tool box! Natural corks are going into our premium products so we found this to be a very small investment to guarantee the quality of the most expensive part of our portfolio. It gives us peace of mind that the corks we use are not going to compromise the wine quality we strive to maintain. The meter is durable, portable, does not require special skills to use nor has any elaborate or expensive calibrations.”

- Marlene Kruger, Quality Assurance Manager, Constellation Brands Canada Inc.

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