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Model L: Lumber Moisture Meter


Calibrated for 77 hard and soft woods in the 0 – 25% moisture range and has dials for specific woods. Accurate to ¾” penetration. Complete with Rechargeable Battery, Carrying Case and Operating Instructions Book.

Option 115 VAC for North America, South America, Japan
Option 220 VAC for Australia, Europe and most of Asia

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Full Description

Owning and using a handheld wood moisture meter, and knowing its use in determining wood’s equilibrium moisture content is an inexpensive way for carpenters to predict and avoid wood movement problems that could require costly repairs. Seasonal changes in humidity cause wood trim and flooring to expand in summer and shrink in winter. With the use of an accurate handheld wood moisture meter, and some understanding of the principles of wood movement, these problems can be largely avoided. As humidity increases, wood, being hygroscopic, will pick up moisture content from the atmosphere and expand. As humidity decreases, the opposite will occur. If the moisture content of the installed wood is too high, shrinkage will occur. This would introduce defects in the workmanship such as gaps and cracks. If the moisture is too low, the wood will pick up moisture content, expand, and distort, buckle, or bow.

The Model L lumber moisture meter is calibrated for 77 hard and soft woods in the 0 – 25% moisture range and has dials to detect specific wood moisture. It is ruggedly constructed, lightweight, easy to use, has solid state circuitry and can detect wood moisture accurately up to ¾” penetration. The molded plastic handle with spring loaded switch bar permits testing with either hand. The electrode on each instrument is surrounded by a steel ring to provide protection against static.

It employs the radio frequency power loss absorption principle, which is a patented feature of Finna Sensors products. The instrument projects an RF field into the test area and then measures the signal loss relative to the conductivity of a dry sample. The numerical scale reading is converted to moisture content percent by means of an established calibration chart or curve for the material being tested.

Key Model L Lumber Moisture Meter Features:

  • Numerical Scale
  • Built-in Standard and Trimmer for quick, on the job calibration checking and adjustment if necessary
  • Zero Point Adjustment Knob

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