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Model LGF: Gypsum Moisture Meter


The Model LGF gypsum moisture meter is similar to the Model LG, except that it features a stainless steel flat plate electrode. This model is excellent for testing Gypsum Wallboard as it moves or in stacks.

The Model LGF measures the moisture in the Gypsum plasterboard 1/4 inch to 3/4 inch thick and offers a Color Coded direct reading dial for fast comparison. It can be used to check the moisture distribution pattern on the board-along the length or width. Comes complete with a Carrying Case, NiMH Battery and Operating Instructions Book.

Option 115 VAC for North America, South America, Japan
Option 220 VAC for Australia, Europe and most of Asia

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Full Description

The Model LGF gypsum moisture meter obtains instantaneous, non-destructive moisture analysis on gypsum wallboard. A flat plate sensor allows intimate contact with the wallboard and can be slid across the surface without the danger of static damage. No surface scratching, marring or puncturing occurs since the Model LGF measures moisture by generating a non-destructive Radio Frequency Field which penetrates deep into the wallboard.

Model LGF Gypsum Moisture Meter Features:
  • Moisture tests can be performed on moving board
  • Easy Portability for checking board moisture distribution
  • Direct reading moisture scale, plus “Dry”, “OK” and “Wet” color scales
  • Allows moisture comparisons between kiln decks
  • Test 1/4″ (6.4mm) to 3/4″ (1.9 cm) thick gypsum board
  • Patented RF Power-Loss Absorption Principal

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