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Model MCPC: Lab Moisture Analyzer


PC-Based laboratory/production Moisture Analyzer connects through the RS-232 Serial Port. For nuts, granules, powders, pellets, chips or flakes. Complete with:
– MCPC-RS Test Chamber
– Windows PC-Based Software
– Two Sample Cups
– Dial Thermometer
– Standard Block
– RS-232 Cable (10 Feet)
– USB to RS232 Adapter
– Operating Instructions Manual
– 115VAC/60HZ Wall Transformer

Notes: Computer is not included. Minimum Computer Requirements: An IBM compatible Pentium or higher personal computer, Windows 7 or higher, a hard drive with at least 4.5 MB of free disk space, and a USB Port. 115 VAC intended for North & South America + Japan; 220 VAC intended for Australia, Europe and most of Asia.

Due to high order volume, we are currently experiencing longer lead times. If you need within a specific timeframe, contact us to learn more.

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Full Description

The MCPC Lab Moisture Analyzer is a Windows compatible, menu-driven system that provides fast, accurate moisture content measurement. The intuitive features simplify the MCPC system proficiency training and the ready-access Help menu provides concise, easy to understand information. The test data is stored on the host PC’s hard drive and is exported directly as a CVS or Excel XLS file. Three user defined, quick-access calibration curve selection buttons are included for faster multi-product testing. The system stores and accesses up to 99 different calibration curves.

Model MCPC Lab Moisture Analyzer Features:

• Non-destructive moisture content measurement of powders, chips, granules, flakes, pellets and other foods, whole nuts, nut meat products, chemicals, aggregates, etc.
• Certified for almonds by the State of California
• Simple two point calibration using a pre-programmed standard curve; gain and offset are automatically calculated and stored when two sample of known moisture content are tested
• Multiple Point Calibration; up to 7 known moisture content samples are tested to achieve a break point calibration curve over a wide range
• Weight measurements up to 200 gm
• Measurement speeds of 5 seconds or less

MCPC Moisture Computer uses weight corrected capacitance measured at radio frequencies (RF) to derive moisture content in five seconds or less. This technique is ideal for measuring moisture because RF completely penetrates non-conductive materials to measure moisture throughout the particle. MCPC tests are completely non-destructive and no sample heating occurs.

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