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Powder/Bulk Solids Moisture Sensor

Why Moisture in Powder (Bulk Solids) Is So Critical

The product quality of many bulk solid manufacturing processes often depends on the product’s water content. Since powder and bulk solid materials often span the moisture range from 0% to over 40%, it’s imperative that an on line moisture meter not only provide instant moisture readout but also accurately cover a very wide range of moisture content.

Proper moisture levels assure maximum product flow rates, reduced lab work, lower production costs, less rework, and optimal gas or electricity usage. Too much or too little water in some cases would influence powder flow, compaction, dissolve rates, and particle structure and stability. Moisture can also influence the chemical and physical properties of individual active ingredients, leading to major issues in your final product.

There are a number of variables to consider when measuring moisture in powder and bulk solids through the manufacturing process. Minimizing the impact those variables have on the measurement is an important part of keeping your operations as seamless as possible.

Non-Contact Data Delivery

A moisture meter that allows for non-contact data delivery is critical for the measurement to be independent of material characteristics such as particle size, shape, color, temperature, density, or distance to the sensor.

Multiple Solutions

Finna Sensors newest NIR on-line meter, the OMNIR, meets all of these requirements and more. Laboratory Moisture Analyzers (Model MCPC, (measurement range of 0% to 50%) and hand held moisture meters (Model DG-9, (moisture range of 2% to 25%) are also a part of the Finna Sensors arsenal. Combined, these solutions cover all phases of the manufacturing process and ensure appropriate moisture detection from end to end. Finna Sensors’ ability to provide instantaneous, on-line, real-time, non-contact moisture meters allow the bulk solids manufacturer to avoid wet product (contributing to mold, microbial growth, excessive product weight, increased shipping costs, color, texture, taste, or shelf life degradation, etc.) or over-dried (contributing to rework, recycle, wasted natural gas or electricity used for drying, dust, or particle size variation, etc).

Each manufacturing process can be accommodated: belt, screw, vibratory, bucket, chutes, and pneumatic conveying systems are all subject to on line NIR or RF moisture measurement. Output control signals are a standard feature that permits the plants PLC or DCS to accept the meters output signal and adjust the product flow rates, dryer temperatures, dampeners, etc. to achieve optimal and continuous targeted moisture levels, thereby making Finna Sensors on line moisture meters an invaluable and indispensable production process tool.

OMNIR for Powder (Bulk Solids)

The OMNIR On-Line Near Infrared Moisture Sensor not only delivers accurate data instantaneously and non-destructively, it also monitors its own health to help keep your operation running smoothly. Click the button to see how Finna Sensors can assist in augmenting your powder (bulk solids) process.

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