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ProTrac: Kiln Performance Software

Smart software for lumber manufacturing automation

Tracking the moisture content of lumber through all stages of the mill has become one of the most accepted and cost-effective production tools now used by modern lumber mills. These producers are leveraging the best of Industry 4.0 — using the latest technical frameworks transforming the industry.

With ProTrac: Kiln Performance Software from Finna Sensors, industry-leading lumber producers are finding new ways to increase their profit using moisture sensors with a focus on data collection. For some production lines, the data goes end-to-end.

How ProTrac makes a difference

Lumber production is expensive, and the amount of energy and time required to dry a charge can change the profitability outlook for a mill. With serious money on the line, mills can find serious savings from insights found in valuable data streams about process performance.

ProTrac collects data to create detailed reporting of drying conditions and quality. If lumber isn’t meeting its standard moisture deviation—too wet or too dry—ProTrac’s deep analytic reporting can help operators analyze the root cause of these process issues.

How ProTrac works for you

By installing ProTrac: Kiln Performance Software, mills collect real time moisture data from available Finna Sensors devices, like the Transverse Moisture Planer System and both variations of our in-kiln moisture sensors: KilnScout-Wireless and KilnScout-Wired. This combined data is what allows for the creation of the industry’s most advanced run reports.

These advanced reports, in turn, allow your mill operators to quickly review charges and address process controls issues through quality and time analysis. Reports can pinpoint a specific moment or show trends over time, and ProTrac’s smart features allow for easy integration with options like package tracking.

Other features include:

View ProTrac Features Video

Including Package Cross Section (as seen to the left), click the play button to see a video of more features of the ProTrac: Kiln Performance Software. Just a few include: Run Charts and Reports, Charge Summary, Zone Analysis and more!

Key Features, Advantages and Benefits

ProTrac analytics help mill operators enhance their operations and find profitability in lumber production. By tracking performance and quality through collected data, operators use ProTrac to quickly identify issues, initiate solutions and improve on processes that save the bottom line.

Improved process leads to better quality throughput. With ProTrac, grade recovery is enhanced, and waste is reduced. ProTrac: Kiln Performance Software ensures easy integration with other Finna Sensors devices and package tracking options.

ProTrac Data Analysis Software delivers the tools your operators need to find process efficiencies and feel empowered by data to make better decisions that achieve the best in grade recovery and profit.

Performance and quality tracking• Quickly identify process issues
• Low-risk, data-driven decision making
• Increased profitability
Easy Integration• Utilize real-time data collection from Finna devices
• Safe operator access and control
Real-time and end-to-end moisture data• Improved process performance
• Enhanced process control
• Quicker decision-making abilities
Inventory tracking• Identify moisture issues at package and board level
• Add value to inventory management systems

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