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The SMART Advantage

Five ways all-season Densigrader: Dynamic Weight Sorter improves output

If you’re responsible for navigating the economic payback and ROI of technology improvements at the mill level, then you’re balancing the needs of your budget against current lumber markets. When those markets are volatile, your balancing powers can get a real workout! To help meet that need, we offer Dynalyse’s Densigrader: Dynamic Weight Sorter. It…

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Finna Sensors Family Profile: LC Jones

After more than 17 years of devoted service, LaCount (LC) Jones will be retiring from Finna Sensors at the end of the year. During his tenure here, LC has managed all aspects of manufacturing including production, safety, quality, cost and delivery. LC has been in product management and manufacturing for about 45 years. He has…

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Maximize lumber mill profits with a customized service plan

It’s safe to say that lumber mills, like other industry manufacturers, need to keep their production lines up and running—to stay on schedule and ensure profit. A customized parts and service plan helps lumber mills reach production goals and prevent downtime. Reducing downtime is a key consideration in production profitability. But how is that done?…

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The Ultimate Guide to Lumber Moisture Control – Part 4: Sawmill

Part 4 of a 4-part series – As seen in the January/February issue of Timber Processing. Before reaching the kiln, the sawmill provides the first opportunity in lumber processing to recognize benefit from today’s advanced moisture sensing technologies. Designed to optimize lumber recovery factor, moisture systems are giving sawmills the necessary tools to quickly identify…

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The Ultimate Guide to Lumber Moisture Control – Part 3: Planer

Part 3 of a 4-part series – As seen in the December issue of Timber Processing. Once kiln-dried lumber reaches the planer, mills have one final opportunity to optimize board moisture before their product is sent to customers. Today, using advanced moisture-sensing technologies, mills can utilize their planer to improve overall productivity, enhance grade recovery…

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The Ultimate Guide to Lumber Moisture Control – Part 2: Kiln Drying

Part 2 of a 4-part series – As seen in the November issue of Timber Processing. Through all the phases of a lumber mill, controlling moisture is key to producing a quality end product. Ironically, despite being where moisture is altered the most, kilns are also often the most overlooked. West Fraser’s Thermal Energy Supervisor…

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The Ultimate Guide to Lumber Moisture Control – Part 1: Introduction

Part 1 of a 4-part series – As seen in the October issue of Timber Processing. There are hundreds of steps and machines mills use to produce quality lumber. It only takes one thing to unravel it all: moisture. Every phase of lumber manufacturing— the sawmill, kilns, and planer—runs more productively through accurate sensing and…

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SCSFP introduces Europe and hardwood in-kiln moisture meters

Using industry-proven technology, the KilnScout Wireless in-kiln moisture meter allows your operation to control dry kilns from direct moisture content readings. This in-kiln system eliminates the need for costly hot checks by shutting down confidently at target moisture content. The result is improved grade recovery, reduced energy costs and increased throughput. SCS Forest Products by…

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